Wednesday, February 18, 2009


The assignment is on an attempt to survey the avian diversity in “CHITRADURGA”.The birds are beautiful winged bipeds. Their coloration, call, and behavior gives great satisfaction and pleasure, to observe then in the field. The birds enlisted from Chitradurga include predominantly coloured active and large birds. The birds like Parakeet and Red vented bulbuls and Indian Robin and Babblers were more frequented than other birds. The other birds observation was numerically limited. The reason may be the non - availability of fruit bearing trees or key stone species in the area or the season may be lean period as the quantity of fruits produced. The study gives an insight into bird population and their diversity and this is a sample survey of peninsular avian biodiversity. The nocturnal birds like owlets were also more frequented in the crevices of the forest and holes of Tree- trunks. The study instills greater interest in students and laymen to take up bird watching as a lively hobby.

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